Island Hopping from Milos: Sifnos

Island hopping from Milos to close islands

The volcanic island of Milos, one of the Cyclades, is mainly famous for its extraordinary rock formations, like Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, amazing shores and picturesque little villages with traditional style and cosy apartments. It is an ideal retreat for families and couples, for it has a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. This wonderful island, home to [...]

Holidays in Milos: Kleftiko beach

Why choose holidays in Milos

Distinguished for its astonishing volcanic formations and its exotic beaches, Milos offers a great escape for couples and a peaceful environment for families. All around Milos there are welcoming family run hotels and studios, providing privacy and comfort, at a short distance from beautiful island spots. Milos is considered the island of Lovers due to [...]

Holidays in Milos: Kastro

Our 5 top sights in Milos

Milos island of the Cyclades is a wonderful destination in the Aegean, perfect for romantic and peaceful holidays, with amazing beaches, picturesque villages and a wide variety of interesting sightseeing. Its volcanic background and intriguing history has formed the top sights in Milos, including sea caves, early Christian Catacombs and villages with boat houses. Stay [...]

Beaches in Milos: Agia Kyriaki

Our best beaches in Milos

Milos volcanic background has created some of the most spectacular beaches in the Aegean. The island distinguishes for its multi-faceted coastline with the dramatic rock formations. Beaches in Milos are always diverse and unique. You will find sandy, pebbled and even rocky beaches with amazing crystal clear waters and varying colours, from emerald to deep [...]

Klima village in Milos island

Explore Milos island, a stunning destination in the Aegean Sea

Located on the south western side of the Cyclades, the most popular group of islands in Greece, the island of Milos is a wonderful holiday destination, especially for couples and families with kids. Couples will find in Milos romantic sceneries of special geology and families will find a peaceful place with safe beaches for the [...]

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog! This is the blog of Villa Notos, a wonderful complex of studios and apartments on the island of Milos, one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades. Through this blog, we aim to present you our fantastic island with the stunning landscape and beaches. We will also keep you informed [...]