Explore Milos island, a stunning destination in the Aegean Sea

Located on the south western side of the Cyclades, the most popular group of islands in Greece, the island of Milos is a wonderful holiday destination, especially for couples and families with kids. Couples will find in Milos romantic sceneries of special geology and families will find a peaceful place with safe beaches for the kids. Organize your stay in our Milos suites and get to explore this lovely island of the Aegean Sea.

Due to the volcanic background, Milos Greece stands out for its unique geological features. In the centre of the island, there are two still-active volcanic craters: the crater of Firiplaka and the crater of Trahilas. Their eruption that happened millions of years ago influenced a lot the geology of Milos, which is why there are underwater sea caves around the island, rocky coasts with special formation and beaches with white-red volcanic shore.


Firiplaka Beach in Milos island

The beaches of Milos are so different from each other and still so fantastic. The most photographed beach of Milos is Sarakiniko, a region of white volcanic rocks that looks like a moonscape. Below the rocks of Sarakiniko there are many underwater caves and passages, which makes it a frequent spot for diving. In fact, the entire coastline of Milos island has such underwater caves and reefs that are perfect for diving.

Other fantastic beaches are found on the southern side of Milos island and have an evident volcanic geology, with abrupt cliffs and red pebbles. Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Paleochori and Agia Kyriaki are the most famous beaches on the south of Milos. A fantastic place to swim on the island is Kleftiko, a sea region with sea caves and impressive rocks, accessible only by boat from Adamas or Pollonia.


Klima village in Milos island

Apart from stunning beaches, Milos also has very beautiful villages. In the evenings, enjoy a walk in Plaka, the capital town of the island, and see the romantic sunset from Kastro, the highest spot of the town. Also do not miss a visit to Klima, the most famous fishing village of Milos with the characteristic boat garages at the ground floor of the houses. Such nice fishing villages are also Firipotamos, Mandrakia and Fourkovouni. Two other beautiful are Pollonia and Adamas, which are also the most tourist places on the island.

A very interesting sightseeing in Milos are the Christian Catacombs, located close to Plaka and dating from the 1st century AD. In fact, the Catacombs of Milos are considered as old as the famous Catacombs of Rome. Close to the Catacombs is an Ancient Theatre, which is under restoration today. Milos also has interesting museums: the Mineralogical Museum in Adamas as well as the Archaeological and the Folklore Museum in Plaka.

How to go to Milos island

Visitors can go to Milos island by ferry or plane.
By plane: There are flights from Athens to Milos three times per week.
By ferry: There are ferries from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, to Milos almost every day. There is also frequent ferry connection between Milos and other islands of Cyclades, including Santorini, Ios, Folegandros, Amorgos, Sifnos and more.

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