Island hopping from Milos to close islands

The volcanic island of Milos, one of the Cyclades, is mainly famous for its extraordinary rock formations, like Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, amazing shores and picturesque little villages with traditional style and cosy apartments.

It is an ideal retreat for families and couples, for it has a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. This wonderful island, home to the renowned statue of Venus of Milos, now housed in the Louvre, is actually a great base for island hopping.

Start island hopping from Milos to explore neighbouring treasures, the western Cycladic islands and have an unforgettable time. Due to the frequency and short duration of the ferries from Piraeus, island hopping from Milos is very enjoyable and easy.


Island Hopping from Milos: Santorini

Hop from the quiet Milos to the extraordinary Santorini, the volcanic island with the famous water filled Caldera and legendary sunset. One of the most popular romantic destinations in the world, Santorini has incredible scenery of red beaches and rocky background, scenic villages built at the edge of the Caldera and ancient sites.

What makes Santorini so special is the combination of natural beauty with luxurious resorts and elegant apartments, friendly hospitality and charming atmosphere. It is the perfect setting for a wedding or honeymoon trip.


Island Hopping from Milos: Sifnos

For a laid-back and relaxing holiday, continue your island hopping from Milos to the small nearby Sifnos. Sifnos is all about tranquillity. It is a famous destination mostly among families and couples. There are stunning calm beaches all along the coastline, lounge atmosphere in traditional villages and impressive monasteries.

In Sifnos you will enjoy authentic hospitality. The most popular settlement in Sifnos is Kastro, with elegant stone houses, narrow paved streets and great sea views.


Island Hopping from Milos: Folegandros

Another very popular island hopping from Milos is the tiny island of Folegandros. For those who wish to explore an alternate setting of mountains, valleys and exotic beaches, or enjoy privacy and relaxation, Folegandros is the ideal holiday destination. It has wild natural beauty, soothing atmosphere and traditional Cycladic style.

In the main settlement, Chora, you will find nice accommodation, picturesque streets and amazing hilltop views to the Aegean sea. Several secluded beaches can be reached by boat or on foot all around the island, with crystalline waters, perfect for snorkelling, diving or swimming.


Island Hopping from Milos: Kimolos

Known for its white rocks and chalk production, Kimolos is a small island north-eastern of Milos, with untouched nature and relaxing ambience. It is popular for island hopping from Milos, as it is located just a short ferry trip from the port of Pollonia.

Kimolos has a combination of mountains and golden beaches, especially in the south coast. Walk among the narrow paved alleys of Kimolos town, just 1 km from the port of Psathi, enjoy magnificent sea views and visit the lovely churches, like Panagia Odigitria, scattered across the island.

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