Our 5 top sights in Milos

Milos island of the Cyclades is a wonderful destination in the Aegean, perfect for romantic and peaceful holidays, with amazing beaches, picturesque villages and a wide variety of interesting sightseeing. Its volcanic background and intriguing history has formed the top sights in Milos, including sea caves, early Christian Catacombs and villages with boat houses.

Stay in some welcoming Milos apartments in the main towns of Milos, like Adamas, and start your journey to important spots around the island from there. Here are our 5 top sights in Milos.

Klima fishing village

Top Sights in Milos: Klima Village

A very interesting sight of unique beauty is Klima. This is a small traditional village with fishermen houses carved into rocks around a small natural port. On the ground floor of these houses, fishermen used to keep their boats. These two-storey houses, traditionally called syrmata, are of typical Cycladic architecture and have bright coloured doors and windows, creating a playful atmosphere.

Their ground floor that meets the sea was used to protect boats, while the upper floor was the family residence. One of the top sights in Milos, Klima has very few inhabitants and is perfect for romantic walks, as it offers a magical sunset.

Kleftiko Sea Caves

Top Sights in Milos: Kleftiko

As Milos is primarily a volcanic island, there are many wonderful beaches and secluded unique coves formed by volcanic ash. These coves are absolutely fascinating, as they are full of strange rock formations and deep underwater caves with rich history. Among the most famous caves and top sights in Milos are Kleftiko Sea Caves. This is an impressive location with dramatic rock formations coming out of the sea, forming natural caves and underwater passages.

Accessed only by the sea, Kleftiko was used as a pirate hideout in the Medieval times, while today in winter seals find their refuge there. The site is alternatively called the Sea Meteora, due to the impressive rocks and amazing views. Take a snorkeling boat tour and explore the magnificent caves and unique landscape of Kleftiko.


Top Sights in Milos: Catacombs

Impressive for their construction, 150 meters above sea level, the Catacombs in Milos are considered among the most remarkable and oldest monuments of Christianity. They are found outside of Tripiti village and constitute a complex of underground burial sites, forming a labyrinth, built in the 1st century AD. The catacombs were originally used by the Christians as a cemetery. Later, due to their persecution by the Romans, Christians used the place for religious ceremonies as well.

The three catacombs of Milos are interconnected by hallways and small passages, but only the second chamber is available to the public. A tour around the arcades presents some examples of the graves, decorated with natural jewels and pictures, and shows the difficult conditions under which Christians would manifest their faith.

Volcano craters

Among the top sights in Milos are its two volcanic craters, still surviving after thousands of years. Milos is renowned for its volcanic landscape, the mineral resources, as well as the exotic beaches. Visiting the actual volcanic craters and watching them from a short distance is a wonderful experience.

Two extinct volcanoes are still found in Milos, Firiplaka, a well-preserved crater of impressive size at the southern part of the island, and Trachylas on the north. Although these craters are dormant and the last eruption took place in 90,000 BC, Milos is included in the Hellenic volcanic arc, along with Santorini and Nisyros.

Medieval Kastro

Top Sights in Milos: Kastro

Enjoy the best Milos sunset from the highest spot of the Medieval Kastro in Plaka town. Plaka is the capital of Milos, a scenic and lively place with a lot of options for entertainment, dining, accommodation and a wealth of amenities. Its highest point is the Old Town, called Kastro, due to the castle walls that surround it.

The Old Town, built in the 13th century, has stone houses with lovely house yards, little paved paths and beautiful churches. Wonderfully located, the churches Panagia Thalassitra and Panagia Shiniotissa offer panoramic view to the sea and the idyllic sunset. Take a stroll around the town to meet its traditional treasures and romantic hideaways.

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