Our best beaches in Milos

Milos volcanic background has created some of the most spectacular beaches in the Aegean. The island distinguishes for its multi-faceted coastline with the dramatic rock formations. Beaches in Milos are always diverse and unique. You will find sandy, pebbled and even rocky beaches with amazing crystal clear waters and varying colours, from emerald to deep blue.

Some beaches in Milos are accessible by car through well paved roads, but some more secluded bays, which are also ideal for naturists, can only be reached by boat. There are organized beaches, with direct access to Milos accommodation, dining options and other amenities, but also private coves with no facilities. Take a look at our suggestions for best beaches in Milos island.


Beaches in Milos: Sarakiniko beach

Sarakiniko has one of the most beautiful rocky beaches in Milos. It enjoys an extraordinary landscape with smooth white rocks, formed by the lava flow, that create a long narrow moon-like cove with a small beach at its end. Sarakiniko beach is located on the north eastern side of the island and is easily accessible from our Milos accommodation, which is found in the beautiful area of Adamas.

In Sarakiniko beach there are several sheltered coves for a refreshing swim and snow-white rock formations ideal for photographs. Fantastic underwater caves, where you can do some snorkeling or scuba diving, are also found there.


Beaches in Milos: Kleftiko Beach

Take a boat tour around the impressive shoreline of Milos and visit the unique beach of Kleftiko, in the south western side of the island and accessible only by boat. Kleftiko constitutes a compound of gigantic rock formations and white rocky shapes coming out of the blue sea. Among the impressive formations and patterns you will find the legendary caves, where pirates were rumored to have hidden their treasury.


Beaches in Milos: Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado sandy cove, found on the southern part of the island, is one of the most impressive beaches in Milos. This is a small beach with white soft sand and light blue waters. The sandy bay is surrounded by high rocky cliffs, which form more dramatic scenery. Tsigrado is next to another famous beach, Firiplaka, and it is partly accessible by car.


Beaches in Milos: Paleochori Beach

For those interested in more organized beaches in Milos, Paleochori beach is one of the best options. Paleochori is the biggest shore of the island, consisting of three separate beaches. The beach is situated in the southern part of Milos and visitors can get there easily by car via a good and paved road.

Paleochori is characterized by a variety of colours of the crystalline waters and the deepness of the sea. The beach has small pebbles and provides a wide range of water sport facilities and dining options, such as taverns with fresh fish, and cafes.

Agia Kyriaki

Beaches in Milos: Agia Kyriaki Beach

Close to Paleochori, in the south of Milos, there is another popular, well-organized beach, Agia Kyriaki. Its long coast is made of fine sand and soft white pebbles, adding to the beauty of the wild rocky background. Many restaurants, cafeterias and beach bars are lining up the beachfront of Agia Kyriaki, while tall trees provide shade.

The crystal waters and the weather conditions in the area also make Agia Kiriaki ideal for water sports. The beach is easily accessed by car, as it is found just beyond the village Zefiria, 8km from the port of the island, Adamas.

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